About Us

Learning Without Borders

Our expertise in creating impact:

  • Business Professionals
    • Career impact & advancement coaching
    • Developing impact initiatives at work
    • Changing your career
    • Going independent
    • Starting and growing a business
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
    • Being a purpose-centric enterprise
    • Developing an entrepreneurial team
    • Expanding business impact (versus results)
  • Microfinance Sector
    • Private sector companies in China for Peer-to-Peer Lending
    • The Chinese Association of Microfinance for our Management in Action Programme (MAP)
    • Microfinance training for legal, consulting and financial professionals in the UK
    • NGOs including Care International for Peer-to-Peer Plus, a partnership between Vietnam, 
Australia, USA and the UK
    • Vocational and enterprise training in Guatemala, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria
    • PlaNet Finance UK and India for Process Excellence Training (PET)

With more than a decade’s international experience, we invite you to discover with us how you or your organisation can turn results into impact.