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This page provides specific resources for the participants in our Programmes.

Thank you for participating in our Peer-to-Peer Management in Action at Shanghai Yonsen Financial. This area has been put together specifically for you and provides supplemental content, instructional videos, and Webinar recordings to help you make progress in your development.

Talent Dynamics

Every programme participant should watch three videos that introduce you to the basics of Talent Dynamics. In addition, you should watch the video associated with your own Talent profile (as indicated in your Talent Profile Report). Of course, you are welcome to watch any of the other Profiles’ videos, too! If you have any questions, please contact: p2pmap@learning-without-borders.com

WATCH THESE 3 VIDEOS (about 5 minutes each):

1. Introduction to Talent Dynamics
2. Introduction to The 8 Profiles
3. Introduction to The 5 Energies

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR YOUR PROFILE (each video is 3-4 minutes):

1. Creator Profile
2. Star Profile
3. Supporter Profile
4. Deal Maker Profile
5. Trader Profile
6. Accumulator Profile
7. Lord Profile
8. Mechanic Profile


1. P2P MAP Introduction Webinar

2. P2P MAP Webinar 1 – OCTOBER 9, 2013

3. P2P MAP Webinar 2 – OCTOBER 16, 2013

4. P2P MAP Webinar 3 – NOVEMBER 6, 2013

About your Instructors


Dr. Phyllis SantaMaria, BA, MA, PhD

Dr Phyllis’s passion for empowering poor people through education, enterprise and microfinance began as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s. As founder of the first women’s weaving group in Guatemala, Dr SantaMaria saw the real difference business made to rural people. This inspired Dr SantaMaria’s career focus of education and enterprise development, taking her from the slums of Kenya and the villages of India to the classrooms of Germany and the boardrooms of London.
As the National Coordinator for the BBC’s first ever multi-media project in 1985-86, followed by learning technology projects in the UK and Germany in the 1990s, Dr SantaMaria was also at the cutting-edge of multi-media. By being exposed to not only the world’s poorest people, but also such innovative, pioneering technologies, she was in a unique position to see how education and contribution could be done on a global scale.
From 2003, as Chief of Mission for PlaNet Finance UK, Dr SantaMaria conducted microfinance training in China, India, Nepal and Ghana, before earning awards from the UN and World Bank as the UK’s National Coordinator for the 2005 UN Year of Microcredit. In 2007, she started Microfinance without Borders, offering microfinance training and fieldwork to corporate professionals in London, before founding Learning without Borders, to provide management development to international professionals in alternative finance.
Dr SantaMaria holds a BA in History from Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA, and an MA in Linguistics and PhD in Education from the University of Exeter in England.


Gabriel Flores BSc (Hons)

Originally from Texas, USA, Gabriel was the first in his family to get a University degree. With the help of an academic scholarship, he earned a BSc (Hons) in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, USA, before joining top international business consultancy, Accenture.

For over ten years, Gabriel worked with Accenture’s leading global financial service clients in Boston and London, including Barclays and Bank of America and also led a new international business unit and global delivery team, which generated £7M in sales in its first year.

In 2008, Gabriel started his own executive coaching firm, Flores Leadership, to fulfil on his mission to help all people to reach their full potential. In 2011, Learning without Borders was delighted when Gabriel accepted their invitation to join their team as their Principal Consultant, alongside his business. Gabriel is a seasoned trainer and public speaker, and in his leisure time is a committed traveller and marathon runner.