Purpose: Problem That Matters





  • A Top 20 UK University (Russell Group)
  •  35,000 Students
  •  Over 95% of students gain employment after graduating

Learning without Borders (LWB) research at University of Nottingham identified needs of stakeholders

  1. STUDENTS: make most of opportunities at university to develop employability skills and get clarity and direction based on purpose for career choices
  2. UNIVERSITY: more opportunities to collaborate with outside world, including Alumni, and support students in developing professional skills
  3. BUSINESSES: learn how to maximise social impact and meet responsibilities to society, environment and stakeholders
UoN Problem

Innovation: Solution

Students & Businesses used the 5 Steps of the Social Impact Game to deliver Social Impact projects to solve problems that matter & make a Social Impact.

Some student projects simulate by using case study examples. Others may design solutions but do not implement them. In the Social Impact Game teams of students and business employees went through the full lifecycle of delivering an impactful project to:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Measure the problem
  3. Design a solution
  4. Implement the solution
  5. Measure the impact & showcase it to a public audience


To ensure longterm scalability, LWB:

  • Trained UoN Staff to facilitate the Social Impact Game
  • Develop & delivered a Coaching curriculum for successful students to be ‘peer coaches’
  • Coached business staff to put SIG into practice in their organisation
  • Developed a mobile and web app to support large numbers
UoN Solution

Making Impact Happen

65 students, 25 professionals, 13 organisations delivered 15 Social Impact Projects over two years

LWB’s Social Impact Game won MODULE OF THE YEAR 2020



Students' Impact

  • Developed measurable employability skills
  • Clarity and direction for career choices based on their purpose
  • Contribution to Social Impact made in projects in organisations

University's Impact

UoN Impact (Graph)



  • Measurable impact with alumni advisors
  • Increased collaboration with organisations for making a Social Impact in community
  • Enhancing the University of Nottingham brand for making a Social Impact in community with students, alumni & organisations

Organisations' Impact

UoN Organisations' Impact