Building Britain’s Digital Future: critical skills needed

Tech London Advocates wants digital education to unlock London’s digital potential. Its ‘Learning Curve’ event highlighted practical education to increase digital skills, ranging from primary school to professionals,  to make up for the shortage of skilled graduates holding back the tech sector.  It offered 6 Panels that examined digital education.  1. Digital Skills at the heart of Government Minister […]

Alternative Finance: Microinsurance

People at the bottom of the pyramid are more susceptible to the long-term impacts of emergencies and life crises due to the lack of low-cost insurance coverage.  In response to these needs, several new insurance products for the poor and uninsured have developed.  Microinsurance provides a range of insurance services, covering health, property, personal injury, […]

Alternative Finance: Savings

A common problem in underserved markets is lack of access to savings, caused by distance and inefficiency.  Saving money is essential for businesses and individuals that want to expand and develop.  A secure way for saving money enables people to improve their lives with their own resources. Savings-led microfinance This form of microfinance is most […]

Alternative Finance: Credit

Credit services are loans to MSMEs or individuals, often giving capital to those who could not get loans from commercial banks. The microcredit and Peer-to-Peer sectors are two of the fastest growing areas of Alternative Finance. Microcredit Some of the first Alternative Finance institutions were in microcredit, targeting the poor members of the community and […]

Alternative Finance: Payment Systems

Many of the greatest technological advances in Alternative Finance have been seen in payment systems, allowing people to access and send their money from anywhere to anywhere, reducing the need for trips to the bank. Remittances Accounting for around half of mobile transactions in countries that are developing mobile payment systems, this pressing demand has […]