Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics is a framework that we use to help you better understand the many intricate concepts in the P2P MAP.

You will use this system to help you:

  • Bring out the best in each team member and your whole team
  • Discover ways to “work smart, not hard”!
  • Accelerate individual, team and organisational performance
  • Understand the business and economic life-cycle – from the micro-level to the macro-level
  • Develop your communication skills to expand your influence
  • Develop your leadership, sales and operational skills
  • To provide a higher quality of service to your customers
  • Every programme participant should watch three videos that introduce you to the basics of Talent Dynamics. In addition, you should watch the video associated with your own Talent profile (as indicated in your Talent Profile Report). Of course, you are welcome to watch any of the other Profiles’ videos, too! If you have any questions, please contact: p2pmap@learning-without-borders.com

    WATCH THESE 3 VIDEOS (about 5 minutes each):

    1. Introduction to Talent Dynamics
    2. Introduction to The 8 Profiles
    3. Introduction to The 5 Energies

    WATCH THE VIDEO FOR YOUR PROFILE (each video is 3-4 minutes):

    1. Creator Profile
    2. Star Profile
    3. Supporter Profile
    4. Deal Maker Profile
    5. Trader Profile
    6. Accumulator Profile
    7. Lord Profile
    8. Mechanic Profile