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University of Nottingham logo

University of Nottingham

Our research at the University of Nottingham identified key needs among stakeholders:

  1. Students: Enhance employability skills and gain career clarity based on purpose.
  2. University: Foster more collaboration with external entities, including Alumni, to support student professional development.
  3. Businesses: Maximise social impact and fulfil responsibilities to society, environment, and stakeholders.
CVS Brent logo

CVS Brent

In Brent, a diverse borough in Northwest London with a population of 350,000, organizations face unique challenges:

Council for Voluntary Services (CVS):

  • Purpose: Assist 550 Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprises (VCSEs) in building skills and accessing funding.
  • Problems to Solve:
    • Develop a Social Impact Strategy to enhance VCSE services.
    • Secure three years of funding to implement the strategy.

550 VCSEs in Brent:

  • Purpose: Provide essential health, social care, and community services.
  • Problems to Solve:
    • Enhance capacity to deliver services and measure social impact.
    • Measure social impact to improve performance and qualify for funding.
    • Established VCSEs: Improve social impact measurement to qualify for higher-value government grants and sustainable service contracts.
Morgan Sindall Construction logo

Morgan Sindall Construction

Morgan Sindall Construction:

  • Profile: A UK-wide construction firm with 7,000 employees and over 200,000 subcontractors.
  • Challenge: Addressing the high levels of mental health issues, including suicide, among construction workers, with over 70% of employers failing to recognize and provide necessary support.

Futures Group

Futures Group:

  • Profile: A charity supporting up to 6,500 people monthly into employment and education in the East Midlands and East of England.
  • Challenge: Expand funding opportunities by:
    • Improving data capture through numbers and stories.
    • Creating social impact measures to enhance performance.
    • Developing a robust social impact measurement and reporting strategy to secure sustainable future funding.
Toynbee Hall logo

Toynbee Hall

Community Development Charity:

  • Profile: Founded in 1884, dedicated to working with those facing poverty and injustice to create a fairer and happier East London.
  • Challenge: Expand the Financial Literacy programme, Digital Money Mentors, across the UK.
    • Context:
      • 20.3 million low-income people in the UK.
      • 39% lack confidence in managing money.
      • Annual poverty premium is £490.
    • Digital Money Mentors Programme Goals:
      • Build financial confidence.
      • Educate on using financial services.
      • Promote savings and reduce financial risks.

Financial Inclusion Forum

Financial Inclusion Forum (FIF):

  • Profile: Founded in 2005 during the UN Year of Microcredit to provide events and advocacy for global financial inclusion. Co-founded by Dr. Phyllis SantaMaria.
  • Challenge: Maximize the benefits of online events for UK and international audiences during COVID-19 to ensure impactful events and foster continuous engagement.
  • Extension: FIF Africa, a spin-off founded by a FIF Director, focuses on financial inclusion in Africa.
InterimConsult logo



  • Profile: A purpose-led consultancy in the rail and transport sector, launched in 2019, dedicated to tackling complex challenges and making a positive impact beyond customer expectations.
  • Challenge: Help Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) reliably prove their social impact to win government contracts and attract customers, despite limited time and resources.
NewmanFrancis logo



  • Profile: A leading community engagement consultancy founded in 2006, collaborating with community organizations, councils, and housing bodies on regeneration projects in London.
  • Challenge: Develop a Purpose-centric culture throughout the organization.

Innovation: Solution

  • Implement the Social Impact Game to:
    • Define the Company Purpose & Mission based on the Founders’ Purpose.
    • Foster company-wide engagement with the organization’s Purpose and Vision.
    • Align individual purposes with the organizational purpose by engaging all staff.
    • Analyse and track project results to optimise project work and resource utilization.