The article in Tuesday 27 May 2014’s Evening Standard (London), “End of the peer-to-peer is a long way off” again reaffirms our view at Learning Without Borders. Banks are failing to serve their SMEs and other customers. Alternative Finance, such as Peer-to-Peer lending, mobile money and new types of insurance, is filling this gap. But particularly because of continuous innovation peer-to-peer lending will continue experiencing significant growth. A handful of successful innovative Peer-to-Peer portals were mentioned by the article. Meanwhile, there are likely new ones cropping up every other week with their own unique innovations. Some won’t establish their spot in the market; like in other emerging sectors, some entrepreneurs got stuck in i-Myth.

What is i-Myth? It is an innovation by an individual with high technical skills, in the right place at the right time.

The i-Myth mistake: Innovating just from your technical skill leads to poor financial and social impact results, it’s the same old ‘business as usual’!

Our understanding of i-Myth is the motivation behind the development of our latest course program, Innovation Management in Action, iMAP.

The iMAP rescue: Innovating in cross-sector teams creates world-class, leading edge products that result in long-term, sustainable growth. iMAP helps you to innovate and effectively take the lead. Our iMAP suite of courses brings together forward-thinking business leaders, investors, professionals, policy makers and practitioners to innovate new products in the fast-growing field of Alternative Finance. Let’s together we crack open the i-Myth, using our simple, yet profound routes for global Innovation with E3.0 ™ so you are in the forefront of winning partnerships.

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