Over 20 executives from Peer-to-Peer and microcredit companies from across China are coming to the UK for a five day Alternative Finance Forum. We are bringing together Chinese and British Alternative Finance practitioners to compare financial products, market trends, technology  and investment opportunities.

UK and China Peer-to-Peer sectors are growing at 200-300% annually, stressing the importance of international collaboration and shared best practices. The 14th-18th July Alternative Finance Forum features five UK company visits, seminars on trends and regulations in the two markets and a special event in Parliament 15th July with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Microfinance and the UK Microfinance Club. Learning Without Borders has partnered with the China Association of Microfinance to strengthen UK-China relationships begun during the Forum, followed by training courses in China and the UK that foster long-term collaboration on financial product development.


Schedule of Events

Mon 14 Jul, a.m.
The City of London Corporation welcomes you to its Guildhall

Guide to 2014 UK-China Alternative Finance Forum. Introductions to Learning Without Borders’ Enterprise 3.0 framework, risk analysis template, case studies: financial Innovation companies, and social Impact Investing: why and how.

Mon 14 Jul, p.m.
Oakam, A profit-making Microcredit lender to individuals with a poor or no credit history

Visits to Oakam’s Headquarters and Branches will provide insights to their business model (background, philosophy, competitors, unique approach, and strategy), financial risk management, and operations (staff training, etc).

Tue 15 Jul, a.m.
Community Development Finance Association (CDFA) & East London Small Business Centre (ELSBC)

CDFA’s CEO Ben Hughes: UK CDFA’s role in economic regeneration and economic impact measurement tool. ELSBC’s CEO Laurie Wiseman: ELSBC’s business model and financial risk management.

Tue 15 Jul, p.m.
All Party Parliamentary Group for Microfinance & UK Microfinance Club

All Party Parliamentary Group for Microfinance & UK Microfinance Club. Mr Bai Chengyu of China Association of Microfinance: China’s growing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sector. Funding Circle: UK’s growing P2P sector. Financial Control Authority: Collaborating with P2P Association on regulation.

Tue 15 Jul, p.m.
Westminster Central Hall Skyline Terrace

Reception for All Party Parliamentary Group for Microfinance, China delegation, and UK Microfinance Club members, with Mr Bai Chengyu, Secretary‐General, China Association of Microfinance. A special event for building UK – China business relationships. Sponsored by Fern Software.

Wed 16 Jul, a.m.
Allen and Overy, The Banker, Doing Financial Business Internationally

Allen and Overy law firm: Investment in the UK, strategies and regulation. Stephen Timewell, Editor Emeritus, The Banker will share his thoughts and lead a discussion on Internationalisation of RMB and its impact.

Wed 16 Jul, p.m.
Funding Circle, UK’s first Peer-to-Peer Credit Company for Small and Medium Enterprises, now expanding to USA

A visit to Funding Circle’s Headquarters: insights to their philosophy, unique approach and strategy, financial risk management, growth through acquisition, and outlook.

Thu 17 Jul, a.m.
Standard Chartered, Leading international banking group, based in 70 countries in Asia, Africa & Middle East

At Standard Chartered’s London Headquarters with Ms Madhur Jha, Senior Global Economist, Global Research & other Standard Chartered Executives.

Thu 17 Jul, lunch time
Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, Roundtable with London Financial Innovators

Mr Bai Chengyu on China’s Alternative Finance sector. Andy Davis, Associate Editor, Prospect Magazine, Author and speaker on Alternative Finance.

Fri 18 Jul, a.m.
L39, Technology innovation in London’s financial centre at Canary Wharf

What are the trends in technology innovation for the financial sector? What is the impact of Big Data for Alternative Finance’s future?

There are many opportunities for UK businesses and practitioners to be involved in the forum, taking advantage of the chance to meet leaders in the Chinese Alternative Finance sector, share opportunities for investment in the UK and China, and learn about global Alternative Finance trends.

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