“I chose this coaching because having any real understanding of my purpose has eluded me until now. As a result of working with Gabriel, I have discovered that my mission is to shift perceptions about the engineering community within my industry from being a somewhat peripheral function to being the centre piece for safety, quality and productivity. As a result I have attained active support and mentorship from a key executive in my organization to help me in fulfilling this vision.”
~Kate Sims, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Head of Engineering & Assurance at Balfour Beatty Rail

I found Gabriel’s hands-on coaching style and depth of knowledge inspired me. The coaching is both supportive and challenging. Through unique talent profiling, I gained insights into how I can use my strengths in ways I was previously unaware. Gabriel’s approach was flexible and explorative allowing me business growth in one of the most challenging sectors-The Arts. I have really enjoyed my sessions with Gabriel; each time leaving excited, focused and motivated. This is a business support tool that has kept me accountable and has increased my flow!
~Kayo Anosike, ACT Training & Consultancy

I’m not afraid of working hard and I’m selling a great product but sales were slow and I had no idea why – frustrating in the extreme. I did the Talent Profile and it started to make sense with a vengeance. The profile outlined the areas in which I excel and precisely where I need to improve. My favourite thing about it is that it, simple action to take to correct the areas where I’m not effective. The profile gave me simple actions that I take everyday. Sales are up, cashflow is up, the future is looking up. Most importantly, I know I’m addressing exactly what I need to address to get the results I want. Running a business is much more rewarding now that I know exactly how to sell more…
~Cameron Kennedy, Gamesys and Founder of Helvetica Software

I am an entrepreneur, and a Master Language Coach. I am also a Director of One World Co Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan. I have done large amount of training in personal and business development and I didn’t really expect much new from the personal session in Talent Dynamics and business training with Gabriel Flores. I was left absolutely shocked. I got insights into the way that I do business, treat customers and manage communications. I have produced a level of cash-flow in my company that I never managed before and have had a complete breakthrough in how I relate to myself and my business. Completely unexpected, really powerful, worth thousands of pounds and every minute.
~Matej Sedmak, Director at One World Co. Ltd.


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